Disney luggage


At www.disneyshopping.com they have a three piece luggage set on sale for 39.99. I have ordered a set, you can choose between red and black. Also they have their logo tees on sale for cheap too. I spent 50.00 and received 10.00 off. So I am happy, I have saved and got some nice luggage coming.


Wow! That’s a great deal. I love that luggage. I wish I could buy from the Disney Store, but the shipping costs are so ridiculous, it doesn’t pay.


Oh, I wish it had been at that price when I was buying luggage! I could have had Mickey Mouse luggage!

Glad you got it! I love a good deal!

And, apparently I love exclamation points this morning. :dry:


You can also use the code POOH10 to get 10% off your order. I odered it in red a few days ago, I can’t wait to get it. I just wish I had a WDW trip planned so I could use it.


I do hope it’s still on sale on Friday. I want it so badly, but have to wait until payday. Thanks for the extra code DT!


I got the same luggage last year and I love it! I got the red set.


Is the pullman a good size? I am trying to decide if the three pieces will be enough for all my stuff for an 8 days trip. That is just my stuff…DD has her own luggage.


Is that the small bag? It’s not very big. We use it for the fun bag, we have all the little toys and that kind of stuff for the kids to play with on the way.


From reading the description, the Pullman is not very big. It’s more like a large carry-on. I really thought about buying the set, but I always pack too much anyway, this wouldn’t work for me!


I ordered the luggage and three shirts and the standard shipping was only 9.50. I also got the 10 % off. Mine is also red, actually I am thinking it will come in useful in Dec. when my family and I will be on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Jamaica.


Oh yeah, it’s really sturdy. It’s made to last that’s for sure. It will be great for lot’s of trips in your future.


I was afraid of that…I will have to pass on it then. I am SUPER packer and will need a big ol case just for my stuff…lol


Are you talking about the big one, the middle sized one or the small one? The big one is pretty decent sized. It’s actually bigger than the one I bought at JCPenney.


The big one. If that is a decent size, then I am going to go for it. My med bag’s zipper broke when my parents borrowed it for Vegas. That set is an extra 20% off today. Hopefully it will be on Friday too.


It looks like the Mickey luggage went back up to $59.99 today. Sorry!



NO!! UGH! Not good!


Just saw that…of course it happened after they sent me the extra 20% off e-coupon for their semi-annual sale merchandise…figures! With the extra 20 off, it comes to $47.99. I don’t think I’m getitng it now. The code is Appreciate if anyone is interested.


I wouldn’t pay that much for it either, Dana. I’ll pay $39.99 for it but no more. I’m planning on using it as our new carry on luggage (as long as it’s not too big), I don’t think I want to check it.


I got my Disney/Mickey luggage today! I really like it, the biggest suitcase is bigger than I thought it would be, it’s plenty big for me to pack for a week long trip. The smaller suitcase is the perfect size for a new carry on bag for the family. I’m not sure about the smallest bag, I usually end up throwing that type of bag away but this is one I’ll keep for something.


I got mine, too! I think the quality is pretty good! I was expecting MUCH worse, with the reviews I’ve heard. It seems like much better quality than the $50 Walmart/Target luggage I’ve seen! The big bag is decent, but still not big enough for me (what can I say, I pack a lot!). But since I already have two BIGGER suitcases, these two will totally compliment what I have! I will probably use it for the kids stuff! The only thing lacking, is there is no place for hanging clothes inside and the expansion zipper is a joke. They might as well have left it out! BUT I L :heart: VE MY NEW LUGGAGE! Oh, and Steph…I told Nathaniel that he can have that little bag as his carry on to take his books and toys on our trips! :tongue: