Disney made me cry today


DS and I watched “Lilo and Stich” on DVD today and he loves to watch the previews. One if them was the commercial where the cute little boy says “We’re too excited to sleep”…and I lost it!!!:crying: I get VERY emotional when my trip is so close - what a big fat sissy I am!:blush:

THEN…DS, DH and I were watching a show on the travel channel about Bush Gardens in Tampa. That place looks gorgeous!!! Anyway, my hubby said that he would really like to go sometime and I said, “I would too…it looks great but it’s just missing something” to which he replied, “…the Magic” and then I started getting all teary-eyed again. WHAT is the matter with me!?

I want sooooo bedly to tell DS where we are going this week but we have kept it a surprise this long. We told him we are going to Idaho (which I stole from cutey-cute TWIST:blush: ) and he has been asking if we can go to WDW instead…that makes me tear up a bit too.:laugh:

PLEASE tell me I’m not the only Disney Sissy…:pinch:


Oh you are definitely NOT the only Disney Sissy!!! :crying: Those WDW commercials always make me tear up too…I just want to sit there and watch them over and over and over. Sometimes I tear up because my trip is close, and other times I tear up because it’s so far away. There’s no winning!! Haha.

I didn’t realize you were keeping this trip a secret from DS! :eek: How AWESOME! Oh it’s going to be such a wonderful surprise!! :wub:


I knew I could count on someone to cry with me! Yep - Joey has no idea…he asked about the ME tags and I told him they were just tags that had our names on them in case our bags get lost…good thing he can’t read yet!:laugh:


That is SO CUTE! :wub: :wub: I can’t wait to hear how he reacts when he finds out you’re going to WDW…although I’m sure the look on his face will be the best part. :rolleyes:


I usually get all mooshy when we set foot on WDW soil, then again at check-in, then at MK (always our 1st park) when we walk thru the gates and get the 1st glimpse of the castle…and during wishes & parades and when we say goodbye to the castle (always our last thing to do)…Nope! You’re not alone!!
You’re so good w/your secret!!! I could NEVER do it!!! Hold on, you’re almost there!!!


That is such a wonderful surprise!!! He will love it! BTW…Disney Sissy here too!


Embrace your inner Disney sissy as I am one too :heart: I am just back from DL and soooo ready for our trip to WDW. I said the, “I’m too excited to sleep” line to my DH tonight. He thinks I am going insane, lol.


I’m the exact same way. I don’t even have to have a trip planned to get teary-eyed from the going to Disney commercials. They just bring back all my wonderful memories and make me excited to go again.

And by the way, Busch Gardens in Tampa is awesome. While nothing has the Disney magic, it still has a lot of great coasters and beautiful landscaping. I even enjoyed it enough to go back for a second visit and I would be open to a third. :happy:


Ain’t gonna touch THAT one. :glare:

Wouldn’t be prudent. :laugh:


Says the preggo girl! Is there something you want to tell us Paula?


Alright, Church Lady…sorry, didn’t mean to call you a lady…again!:pinch: :laugh:


Nope - not me!!!:closedeye


I am a Disney sissy right there with you. It is ok, just blame it on the fact you are a woman and we are just sensitive that way.


I get a bit teared up when I step through the gates of DL and walk down mainstreet for the first time on the first day of a trip. Just being there and seeing the joy in my kid’s eyes makes me happy enough to tear up.


I’m a complete Disney Sissy Sister, and I can’t say anything about it!


Erin is back on her vampire shift!!!


For tonight! :laugh:

I went to bed too early, and now I’m wide awake :sad:


Me too! It is 4:12 AM!!! What am I doing??? I have so much to do today…I wish I could just take a shower, get dressed and start my day but nothing is open at this hour!:laugh:


I wish that all the time!! Why can’t the day start just a few hours earlier! I’d be the master of getting things done!


I cry when I get my credit card bill after my Disney vacation. :laugh: :laugh:

Just kidding. I’m the male version of a Disney sissy. Not many tears, but definitely emotional. But don’t tell anyone. :ninja: