Disney Magazine -- no more!


It seems that the Disney Magazine is coming to an end after the next issue. Refunds or alternative magazine subscriptions will be issued. This is a sudden decision and letters will be going out in the next few weeks to subscribers.

Anyone have more info to add? I will try to find more myself.

First the Disney Club, then the Disney Stores, now Disney Magazines? What’s next?


Wow…that totally stinks. :fork_off: Thanks for the information spider.


I Am Soooooooooo Upset Right Now, Really I Am!!! That Magazine Was Great And I Enjoyed Coming Home And Seeing It Waiting For Me On My Desk!!! What Is Happening To Disney!!! :frowning:


Rats! My daughter gave me a subscription for my birthday last year. It was always such a treat to see it in the mail. Thanks for the info Spider.


What’s the deal??? I would have thought that they’d be making money off something like that. And I was gonna get a subscription to my appt next year… Darn. :frowning:


I just subscribed and only received one issue. This is a bummer.

Lisa :mickey:


Awwwwwww. Pete’s favorite thing was to get to WDW and have a copy of Disney Magazine to haul into the bathroom for hours on end:laugh:


This bums me out too. It was always like a new, exciting piece of Disney arriving every few months. Now, I only have the new vacation planner DVD’s to look forward to each year or so.

Thank God for DC, or I would really have withdrawl.

Some say the Internet is the cause of the Magazine going away, but I don’t feel that way. The Articles were always the official word and gave great photos, insider info, and great recipes and fan mail. There is a lot to be said about having a tangible magazine vs. reading something over the net and second-guessing the source and validity.

The Mag itself wasn’t very profitable, it was a means of promos and advertising mostly.


Not really a surprise. After the Disney Club, and all of the free subscriptions ended, I am sure their subscriber base dropped to near nothing. While I loved it, it was basically a brochure. I would love to see it come back via a third party, so it wasn’t so much like a Birnbaum’s book.


Awww, man. I just submitted a hidden mickey picture to them.
I’m bummed, used to look forward to that magazine between trips


We had paid and suscibed for years, but after the demise of the Disney Club-
we decided not to pay for it and haven’t read it for a couple years now.
Although it was a good mag!

Maybe they will offer Family Fun?!

It’s really too bad, how the demise of alot of the good things in disney are slowly fading into the sunset…

baaaaaaaaa hum bug!!!

3 days to see the Mouse!


HAHA…that sounds like The Dave!!!
Hey but he’d always come out full of wdw facts!


No! I love coming home and seeing my Disney Magazine in my mail box. I have gotten this for years, I can’t imagine not getting my Disney fix every couple of months.


This totally stinks!!! I have a 4 year subscription. I bought it because as a DVC member I got it at a reduced rate. I really liked that magazine. I haven’t even gotten a whole year’s worth.


I’m literally almost in tears! What is happening to the Disney company?! Is it all the work of that power and money hungry devil michael eisner?!! Would the Disney company ever do “under”? Does no one have respect for Walt?! his dreams and passion are what made his company a worldwide success.


This is a bummer. Why would they still be taking subscriptions or offerening it? Anymore info would be great.


I hear ya! I am sad, I look forward to every magazine and read it cover to cover the day it comes. After I read it I take it to school and put it out for my students to read.


Wow wish you were my teacher when I was in school! Of course that was over 10 years ago. Maybe you can get your class to write letters or something to try and keep it going!


My students think I am a little over the top. They think it is so funny I can tell them exactly how many days until my Disney trip. They think I am nuts to get up at 6 am to call and book a meal I am not going to eat for 90 days. Yet they love to hear about Disney and wish I could take them on a class trip to WDW.


My DD loves the Disney Adventures I hope thats not next.