"Disney Magic Connection" on your Nintendo DS


Maps, ride wait times and more on your Nintendo DS with “Disney Magic Connection”

From: Jim Hill : Monday Mouse Watch : Get ready to make the “Disney Magic Connection”
Imagine that – as you walked through a Disney theme park – you could carry with you a wireless device that would:

* Tell you in real time what the current wait time at your favorite attraction was
* Also let you know whether there were any FastPasses left for that particular attraction
* And when these FastPasses were available for

Better yet, what if you could in-put a “wish list” of your favorite rides & shows into this hand-held unit, and it could then tell you the most time-efficient way to experience all of those attractions? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

You wanna hear something that’s even more amazing? Starting today and the next 10 days, the Imagineers will actually be field testing a device like the one I just described at Walt Disney World. Known as the “Disney Magic Connection,” WDI R & D hopes that this hand-held, wireless unit (which runs on a Nintendo DS ) will be the next big technological breakthrough at the Disney theme parks…rest of the story at link


Picture of “Disney Magic Connection” for Nintendo DS instructions here.


I got to hear all about this during our “Keys to the Kingdom” tour in November. We were even given an advanced look at two of the “secret” locations where guests will have to go to unlock special content on their Nintendo DS. One of them was in a small promonade next to PoTC & guests have to look for these small “Pirates logo plaques” in hidden areas to activiate the special content. We weren’t allowed to take photos in this area but Daniel thought it was real cool 'cause he has a DS.



Wow!!! Coming from a family with 5 nintendo DSs that would be pretty awesome!!!


That would be so cool! My son would love to use his DS to tour the park. I can’t wait to hear more about this.


PS: I also read this little blurb in the Jim Hill article and thought this was REALLY REALLY cool!! Our guide didn’t tell us this when we got a sneak preview:

“This “Disney Magic Connection” unit will also reportedly have a feature that will tell guests where their favorite characters are in the park in real time. In addition, this wireless, hand-held device will be able to tell which queue you’re standing in at that precise moment. So that it can then offer you the opportunity to play a game that’s themed to that particular ride, show or attraction. Or just offer you some ride-specific trivia to read while you wait in that line.”


OMgarsh… that would be so cool! Kinda like, but way cooler than the board at Epcot that tells you the wait times.


ok now THATS super cool!!!


That sounds really cool. I know my kids would love this. I hope this idea goes past the testing stage.


My son would love that!!




Ok, I’ll admit it, I would love it too.:blush:


I want it!!! I may have to snatch my kids’ DS out of their bags and give it a go!


My boyfriend and I were approached about this the other morning when we went to the Magic Kingdom but unfortunately couldn’t do since we’re both Cast Members. It looked cool and we were both bummed. we wanted to play with the DS all day!


I think this is a good idea but have a little problem. When my DD uses her DS she never wathces where she is going. thats all I need for her to walk into someone while looking at a park map and it drops and breaks.


hehe, gotcha :tongue:


If this comes to fruition I would have to say that my children’s DS have finally become worth their investment!!!:laugh: This sounds so cool :cool: .


:eek: How cool!!!

I have a DS (pink of course! :tongue:) and I just think that would be awesome…


Sounds awesome to me. I have a DS and would definitely use this.


So does that mean I not only have to carry the DS but Pal Mickey too…

I guess I will be alittle over loaded.


DD and DH would love that