Disney Magic Cruise- St. Thomas Excursions (Magen's Bay)


We are cruising on the Disney Magic in April. I have been waffling back and forth …should i book an excursion in St Thomas, or not??? Was thinking originally a snorkeling excursion. As I researched it further and looked at photos I was concerned if my 8 year old would be up for getting off a boat in the middle of the water to snorkel for the first time…SO, I thought snorkeling at Castaway Cay would be the perfect solution. That leaves us in St Thomas…the Magen’s Bay Beach Excursion looks nice. If we did not do an excursion, I’m wondering if there is enough within walking distance to keep my kids (8 & 11) interested???
Does anyone have any advice on St. Thomas???


This should help you.

St Thomas Excursions and Shore Tours Guide for St Thomas Cruise Ship Passengers visiting Charlotte Amalie and St John Virgin Islands


DH and I did a Carnival cruise (before we became Disney fanatics:laugh::laugh:) that went to St Thomas. We did a Catamaran Snorkel excursion but we had time after to look around and shop near the port before we left and there are many shops within walking distance to the port and several other things to do as well. We took a tram to the top of Paradise point i think it was called and it was amazing you could see for miles. I hope this helps. Enjoy the cruise- we did a cruise aboard Disney Magic 2 years ago and had an awesome time-our very favorite port was Castaway Cay-your family will love it!!


My last cruise to St Thomas was so long ago on Princess but I believe we did some type of zoo thing? Good luck with your excursions, i’m sure you will love the cruise!

EDIT: Now that I think about it we actually may have done the skyride… anyway good luck and you’ll love St Thomas… I LOVED it there and i’m actually looking to go back.


To add to my DW post (ToriaDavis). The snorkel excurtion that we took in St. Thomas was call Christmas Cove. It was a small lagoon that yes you could jump out in deep water and start snorkeling, but if you did not want to do that the captain had a little boat that took people to the shore and gave them a little sea creature lesson. I do agree that if you do the snorkeling in cast away it may be good. If they have never been snorkeling before (which my DW and I love to do) the ultimate key is to just get them relaxed and relaxed in breathing through a tub. Many people can not get passed the difference in breathing through a tub.


We did a NCL cruise November and went to St Thomas and from what I remember I don’t think there’s much there for kids. We did an Island tour as we had been doing enough Beach and swimming


Appreciate all the advice. If we don’t do an excursion, does anyone have any insight on what is available within walking distance of the port?


Not much. You can walk to the skyride to Paradise Point, but except for the view you will pay ridiculous prices for drinks and gifts up top if you wish to purchase. My kids were 6 and 4 when we were there in October. We didn’t do an excursion. It might be where we docked, but you would have to take a taxi into town. It’s known as a place for shopping. I would suggest the snorkeling in St. Thomas and doing nothing in Castaway Cay. Castaway Cay looks as if there is plenty to do there without doing an excursion.

Either way have a great trip! I just got off from a week cruise with only my hubby and I am dying to go back!


There are plenty of shops right there where the boat docks