Disney Magic Mobile - APP


I could not find a thread on this- so I am going to make a new one. As anyone used any of the APPS on Iphone, Ipod or Android @ Disney World? And, was it better then using the map that is handed out to the quest? I am thinking of downloading Disney Magic Mobile, becuase its free - but if you know any other that is free or is a fee and is good, please let me know…thanks!


I think that the new app is much more detailed when you are in the parks. I’ll report back at the end of this week, and let you know what I find out.


Please do, I am interested as it is a fun app even when not at the park, can’t wait to hear what else it does.



Look forward to your feed back-


I will let you know. First day in the park is Sunday, but I’ll be around there on Saturday…