Disney Mania 6


I am not really into the Disney Mania cds…I only have one other then this one.

Colbie Calliat does a great version of ‘Kiss the Girl’. Colbie’s own cd is also great.


I got Disney Mania 6 after watching the commercial over and over again. It featured the song by Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment and Cruella DeVil by Selma whatever. It sounded pretty good, so I bought the CD.

Those were the two best songs. I’m so sick of people redoing songs that have already been redone. I have the first 3 Disney Manias. And… I hate it when artists redo the song without changing it any. Plus, they were redoing very recent songs from Enchanted. Why??? I want to hear classics put to an upbeat tempo.

I didn’t really care for Colbie Calliat’s Kiss the Girl… I much prefered the Kiss the Girl by No Secret on the first Disney Mania album.

So, I’m kind of disappointed in this Disney Mania.


My DDs :heart: these CDs . . . personally I like the classic way they are sung. I don’t know why Disney tries to make singers out of all the actors on their channel . . . most of them should stick to acting . . . IMHO!! :laugh:


Well I’m glad to hear all of this before I bought this for my DD’s birthday that’s coming up in July. I may just try to hear some of the songs first on iTunes beforehand. Thanks for the heads up everyone!!