Disney Maps


Hey…you know the disney maps that you can customize at Disneyworld.com? I know you can print them out, but do they send them to you as well? Does anyone know?


Yeap… you can print them out, but I would have them mail them to you, they come on parchment paper and make a great addition to your scrap book (having spelling issues today)


Definitely order them too. They are really nice.


Since they are free… you want to have them sent to you. They are so nice!!


I got mine mailed to me.


Mine are hanging on the walls in my office. They look nice and if anyone in the building is planning a trip they can come down and see where everything is located.


I just ordered some for my boss because she is going on her honeymoon in Feb. I wish she would pack me


I had them mailed to me. They are so nice, they make a great souvenir. :smile:


You can order a set once a year and they really do look nice. You even get stickers. Order Order Order!!!:laugh:


I PMed you the directions and a link. Good luck!! If you need any help let me know and I will do it for you


I agree…have them mailed to you.


Order them…they are free and very beautiful, I was very impressed with the quality of the maps.


How cool!!! This is the first I’ve heard of this. Where the heck have I been??? :blink: I gotta order me some!


Can someone post the link, please? I can’t find it :crying: .



I just ordered some for Lil Brer for Christmas. Since we cannot get to Disney for a vacation this year, maybe this will help with the PDD. I am trying to go to the DVC resort at Hilton Head for a couple of days over Christmas, and I thought that I would get them framed and give them to her for Christmas. A little bit of Disney for the holidays is better than no disney for the holidays.


It only took 2 weeks for me to get mine. Last time it took 7 weeks. They are beautiful, you must order them.


order them and besides you still will be able to print them from home also but what they send are great


Never mind. I’m really not that bright.


Ok, another question. I’m trying to print a map with no numbered circles in it. Any idea how that’s done? I got it to just put my favorites on there, but it doesn’t match them with the correct numbers. It also has random numbers that aren’t even on the picture. Anyone else have problems?


Thanks guys. I ordered them!!! yay