Disney May Have To Wait


Alas, I’m not sure when our next WDW visit will be. But the reason is OK!

A year from now our DS is getting MARRIED (6-2-07). It will be an entirely Irish wedding - a Hayes hitching up with Corrigan). That’s him (a FEW years ago) in my Avatar with our DD…He’s 23 now and DD is 20…sniff.

DW and I are tentatively planning a trip to Ireland the following summer ('08). Hopefully, though, we can sneak a quickie WDW trip or two in there somewhere…)


CONGRATULATIONS!!! :heart: :happy: :heart: That is a good excuse for not going to WDW. The picture of your kids is so adorable - I had no idea it was an old one - they grow up way too fast! :crying:


Congratulations to your son and your entire family! I think a wedding and Ireland are a pretty darn good reason to put off Disney!


Oh! COngrats!!! How perfect!!! I love Love!


Congratulations to your DS!!!


Congratulations to your DS. I think you have a good reason to put off Disney for a while. Hopefully, you will be able to squeeze in a trip or two to keep the PDD away.


WOW! Congrats. I didn’t realize your avatar pic was from so long ago… I’m sure y’all can find a little time to sneak in a quick WDW trip… :biggrin:


Congratulations! A wedding and a trip to Ireland are definitely events to look forward to! WDW will still be there waiting for you.


Congratulations! Like others have said, maybe you can squeeze a quick trip in during the next year or so.

I’ve always liked that picture of your kids, it so sweet.


Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes. I can’t believe it, but yesterday I actually made the reservation for the rehearsal dinner. A year away and I was lucky to get in. We’re having the dinner at a new place on the Mississipi River in Aton, Ill. calld “The Boat at the Riverbend.” It’s a dining, banquet and entertainment complex that’s actually built on a floating barge. Very nice indeed (Birnbaum’s book would rate it: $$$. Lucky for me we don’t have to pay for too much else). DS and fiance have been engaged a year already and originally considered a WDW wedding, but more family and friends can attend if they do the wedding here - so St. Paul’s Episcopal Church it is. It’s no Grand Floridian, but it is a beautiful historic church built in 1836. That may not seem very old to you U.K. DC’ers, but 'round these parts, that’s about as old as churches get…

…As for the avatar pic, it is our fave from all the trips we’ve taken to WDW over the years (we were able to capture on film - remember film? - one of the few times DS and DD weren’t fussing with each other about something - lol). I’ve thought about changing the avatar, but I like that pic so much I can’t do it. We’ve got a framed print of it hanging in our home…


Awe, congradulations!


Grandchildren are always a good excuse to go to WDW… something to look forward to in the future…


Yes, congratulations! What a great time for your family phayes :heart:


This is great news!!! Congrats to your DS!!


Now that is the two best reasons I have ever heard to skip a WDW trip or two. Congrats to your whole family on the wedding and congrats to you and your DW on gaining another daughter. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Exciting times are ahead. Congratulations phayes. I would love to be your tour guide in Ireland and I could try my hand at wedding planning. I have watched a few of those “Whose Wedding is it anyway?” shows :biggrin:


Good thinking!!! Congrats on your son and DDIL to be!!! Weddings are wonderful, they bring about lots of good things!!! Maybe even some little ones to share in the WDW excitement all over again!!! Good luck to all!


Well, Congratulations!! If there is ANY reason to postpone a Disney trip, your’s is certainly the best one! :happy:


Congratulations!!! That is exciting news. June 2nd is a GREAT day to get married! It’s my anniversary! :wub: I can’t think of a better reason to put off Walt Disney World. :wink:


Aw congratulations to your whole family! How wonderful! :heart:

WDW can wait for such an exciting, momentous occasion! :wub: