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Please could someone help me !!! What I want to know is do any of the Walt disney Parks in Florida ship disney merchandise over to England ??? I am starting a collection of Disney die cast attractions cars, and the Disney shops we have over here don’t sell things like that, or if anyone knows of any websites that sell Disney things, would be a great help. I know about ebay. Thank you all.


HEY! Welcome to DC! I am sure Disneyonline can hook you up. If Ready 2 Go sees this, he will post more sites than you need. In the meantime - have fun here.


Welcome to DC :smile:

Here are two good ones: :smile:




Thank you but I really need the collection called Disney Theme Park Collection. the little die cast vehicles, or have Disney stopped selling them. ?


Here is a link for info on mail ordering from WDW:


Are you looking for any one piece like the monorrail?



And more stuff here:



I love it when that happens


Thank you I have emailed Walt Disney World and I will see what happerns.


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You are Welcome and Good Luck :smile:


The websites that RG2 listed are really great ~ I hope they have what you want. I will say this though, if there is anything you want from WDW and one of us UK Dcers are going, I think I can say most ~if not all of us~ would be happy to buy the item(s) for you and bring them back to the UK for you.
That is what we do here. It’s one lovely big family!

…mind you I am not going for a while but if I was, I would shop for you no problem! …man, I am depressed now! :crying: :happy: