Disney MGM-Studios Name Change - Official


Just heard that they are changing MGM-Studios to ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studios’.

Will post more info when I get it!



that’s going to take a while to get used to saying disney hollywood studios after knowing it as MGM. please keep us posted.


Here is a little more info WDWNews.com - Walt Disney World Resort
Not an official disney site but will post it as soon as it come available



YUCK :blow: , certainly does not roll off the tongue like mgm!!! it’s too long of a name.


Yes, that will take some getting used to!


Yup, it’s official! I personally like it.

I got in the habit of calling it “The Studios” because they frown on CMs calling it MGM, so no worries for me


ITs always going to be MGM to me.

I can’t get used to it!!



here here. it’ll always be MGM to me, too. i’ll call it studios when i’m in the park but when i’m not near a CM, it’ll be called MGM.


Haven’t the buses just had “STUDIOS” on them for some time now?


Haven’t the buses just had “STUDIOS” on them for some time now?

Yeah, it helped start a lot of rumors about the name change, that and the fact that the MGM licence was up for renewal (i believe).

So people we coming up with all sorts of ideas. For example ‘Disney/Pixar Studios’.

Some also thought it may just become the Disney Studios



Yes, Disney Studios is easier then Disney Hollywood Studios . . . it will take some getting used too!! But, the updates sound FUN! :happy:


Lets hope it kick starts a new era at the Studios.

Here you go as promised

Walt Disney World renaming Disney-MGM Studios – OrlandoSentinel.com

Shame really, my last visit to MGM-Studios was last year. When I go again it will be Disney’s Hollywood Studios


thanks so much for the info…let’s see what kind of changes this heralds. everybody stock up on your MGM souveniers before they’re all gone. that’ll be disneyana!!


I would rather Disney Studios, it sounds better. Im so used to going, oh MGM is the best, or MGM is awesome. I pretty much have called it just MJM my whole life. I don’t really think Hollywood fits that well. We all know where the real hollywood is, i guess it would be cool if they did some movies or tv shows in Disney Hollywood Studios.

I know they will always amaze me I will have a blast whatever its called.


I love the new Disney-Hollywood Studios will be the best name for this studio.


I think Disney Studios sounds better than Hollywood Studios, but i understand why they are adding Hollywood to it.


Although I am glad that there is some closure to the naming of the park, I think that Disney Studios would be easier. But then again, like a few have mentioned here already, I will most likely still call it MGM much like I still call Dolphins Stadium the original name Joe Robbie Stadium or the Joe


I like it! I can totally get into it… our new acronym for it will be DHS? Perfect-o!


It will always be MGM to me…


Call it whatever you like, it needs the upgade badly.Now they will raise prices for the new signs!!