Disney-MGM Studios worker arrested


This is just sick :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

A 21-year-old food services worker at Disney-MGM Studios was arrested last night on charges of child pornography.

Tony Guerra first caught the attention of authorities in Australia who said the Kissimmee man was in chat sites looking for “hardcore videos involving babies,” according to a complaint filed in federal court.

Guerra allegedly contacted an undercover Australian agent, who was posing as a 32-year-old woman. He asked her lewd questions about her children, the court document said. During the online chat, Guerra allegedly sent 63 still images and four videos of baby pornography.

Guerra, who grew up in Deltona, has worked at MGM for a year.

He will be making his first court appearance this morning in Ocala


Wow another sad and sick case. This would have never made the news if he didn’t work for Disney.


That is SO SICK!! :eek: :blow:


why did I open this thread? Im feeling really sick now~ that is so horrible!~!!!


I dont mean to be rude… but this really does not need to be posted here. This person does not deserve the publicity for such horrible behavior!!!


I agree. It is just sick and this person really needs help.


All I’ve got to say is . . .


I must agree. And Disney should not be mentioned, the employer can not know everything about a person. Sick people have ways to hide what they do. Iam sure this person had no priors.


But it is a reminder to keep a close eye on your kids while at WDW. Always know that any place that attracts kids is also going to attract those who prey on them.