Disney Mix Stick


hey guys. i was wondering if anyone has this disney mix stick MP3 player. i just got one for myself and am having a very hard time transfering my songs from Itunes onto the MP3 player. if anyone can help, please do!! thanks!!


ITunes don’t transfer well to a non-Apple player without using a utility that I cannot remember the name of, or doing this: Burn the songs from ITunes that you want to put on the mix stick to a cd and then transfer from the cd to the mix stick. It has to do with the format the ITunes come in…they’re not MP3 but are ACC, AAC, or something like that (I have allergy head again and cannot remember a thing).

Hope this works for you.


And sorry for digressing, but Jay and Silent Bob are GORGEOUS!!! Am allergic to kitties, too, but I love them!


thank you very much quietMBR. i will try to burn them onto a cd and see if that works. thanks!


thank you.