Disney M&M Machine


Well I recieved the M&M dispenser. First I will say it is smaller than I thought it would be. It is however pretty good quality. The glass container is real glass and the rest of it is metal with a plastic top. It requires a quarter to use so that money will go into our Disney fund :mickey: It came with 3 - 7 oz. bags of Mickey M&M’s which is about all it would hold. We only opened 1 bag and mixed it with regular M&M’s to make them last a little longer. The picture I uploaded is a 20 oz. Coke to give you the idea of the size. The bag of M&M’s is 1 of the 3 7oz. bags that it came with. I do like the dispenser because our living room is a Beach and Disney theme. And yes I’m glad we bought it…


It’s adorable and yes, a bit smaller than one would think it would be. I love that you are using the money for future trips. Cool way to save those quarters and get a treat too. you can buy more WDW M&Ms next trip and start the process all over again…cool saving tip. That point being said, I am going to move this over to budget tips forum.


I dont mind if you move it over B & S tips


It’s the perfect size to be a kid’s bank.


That is really cute! And what a good idea to save for Disney trips!


Its cute, smaller than I thought it would be though.


i must have missed this thread were did you purchase it?


My M&M’s® - Personalized Chocolate Candy Messages


The web site I posted above this post, but its hard to notice. it is MYMMS.COM


so cute i wonder if they might have them n disney? thanks for the link


So can I be nosey and how much it cost, would be wonderful for my niece?


$60 plus shipping that included 3 bags of 7 oz. Disney M&M’s


That’s not bad at all, Thanks!:blush:


How cute! What a fun piece to have! The quality sounds great as well.


I want one!! :smiley:
It’s such a cute idea! :smiley:
It will go beautiful with my Disney collection. hehe!


I did find a flaw in my money making idea. When I bought the large bag of M&M’s to mix in with the Disney M&M’s I should have hid the large bag from the family. Need I say more…


Ugh…I just canceled my order— I was placing the order for M&Ms with our pic on it for our anniversary to give to Bob— ordered the Disney ones for the kids- Easter… you know :slight_smile: I added the dispenser then took it away - added it back- took it away and I have to say- I wonder if I should have gotten now that I know more about it----

The bags of the personalized ones are SO SMALL!!! i had no idea!
oh well they are adorable just the same!