Disney Moments Flipbook


These look REALLY fun!!

Link: Disney Moments Flipbook | DisneyShopping.com

[B]Turn one of your videos into a pocket-sized Disney Moments flipbook! Choose from a variety of Disney artwork and create a personalized flipbook to keep or share.[/B]


Gosh that is too cute.


OH that is fantastic isn’t it??


I think I will get one of those depending on how expensive it gets. I’m thinking about asking my g/f to marry me so ofcourse Im going to go to disney ofcourse but maybe I will get someone to tape it and make a book out of it. lol! that would be sweet!


Bet you could do something cute with the video off the flip camera?


PERFECT IDEA!!! :wub: (I think they are $12.95 each, BTW!)

You take video of you having fun at Disney, then you have a friend take video of you on going down on one knee with the ring and a sign that says “Marry Me!” and you put it in the back of the book . . . it would be a TOTAL surprise, FAIRTY TALE ending proposal! :wub::wub:


These look fun. I would love to do one of our family.