Disney Moms Panel - Did You Apply?


So, how many have applied to the Disney Moms panel? They started taking apps on Sept 8 and it ends Sept 19th or until they get 20K entries (I wonder which will come first!).

I entered and was glad the essays were just 100 words or less - although sometimes you just need a few more words! On one I needed 3 more spots…so I had to edit. :laugh:


I forgot all about it


I forgot about it too. For some reason I thought it started on the 15th :eek:


i bet it fills up fast


I wonder if it will say when it fills up. Has this been advertised anywhere other than Disney fan sites? I don’t remember hearing about the first round of applications (for last year). I only found out when I started researching for our trip.


I applied and I needed a few more words as well. I think last year they only accepted 10,000 applications and it was over the same day it opened- If I remember correctly.


It was funny because with only 100 words every single one counts - if I deleted one it would look like I could not string a sentence together :happy: Not that I am very good at it anyway :blink:


maybe not the same day, but pretty darn quick. I got into that on the first day. We have a member here who is a disneymom. Her name is Heather and she’s from Georgia, I believe.

I just filled out my thing. Good luck everyone :happy:


They will close the website and tell you they’ve had their fill.

oh boy, I had to edit too. It is difficult to get it all in, who would have thunk :laugh:


[QUOTE=Dopey;880169]They will close the website and tell you they’ve had their fill.

oh boy, I had to edit too. It is difficult to get it all in, who would have thunk :laugh:[/QUOTE]
See? Who would think 100 words is too short (unless you like to write). But then you have to reword things so it all makes sense.


Not me. I haven’t been to WDW enough times compared to all of you. But I love the website & read it everyday. Good luck to all of you! I hear they are looking for 12 moms this year vs. much less last year.


Applying now!


i applied - not holding my breath, but it would be fantastic!!


I wrote mine WAY differently than I did last time – maybe this will do the trick! LOL


Okay I applied. It would only let me use 99 words…it kept making my 100th word disappear. But I’m done, and at least I can rest know that I tried. I figured it out. We have a 1 in 1250 chance of getting picked!!! Thanks only .08 percent! LOL.


I applied a few days ago. I think last year they put it on the site when the reached the application limit and it didn’t take too long to reach the 10,000. Good luck to those that applied!


I read on another board that last year it only took 1 day to reach the limit! Maybe that is why tis year they made it 20K instead of 10.


Maybe that is why they did extend it to 20,000. Could you imagine trying to get through all of those applications?


I just finished my application!:happy:


I haven’t applied this time. I was all excited last time but I’m just not in the mood I guess. I read the information from time to time but I didn’t think it was any better than the dozens of Disney boards/sites out there. However, the trip to WDW might just make me rethink it…