Disney Movie Club Question


Does anyone have experience with the Disney Movie Club? I was wondering when The Jungle Book would be available. I was hoping it would pop up on the site today, but no luck.

I saw that Target had it for $14.99 with a coupon for $3 off The Robinsons when that is released later that month. Plus, if you buy the latest Disney Princess DVD at the same time, it includes a $5 Target gift card.



No way will you get The Jungle Book for $14.95 with the Movie Club. They’re always more expensive than you can get them at the store. That’s why we got out of there as soon as we could.


circuit city has it for 13.99 and walmart will match their ad.


Hi, have you bought Jungle Book, because if you have, the code for the Disney Movie Rewards, just enter it and you then should get credit for it. If it doesn’t have the code included, then they are not including it in the Movie Rewards. Hope that helps.


No, it won’t be any cheaper through the movie club. It will probably be around 20-23 when it comes out there.


it’ll be a while until “The Jungle Book” becomes available with the DMC. it would be a little expensive to get it through them once they have it available. but they always have great sales where you can get it for 50%. it’ll be a while though before that happens.


I got a vhs Jungle Book new, sealed for 14 bux on ebay. Someday I’ll convert the tapes to cd’s… eventually.