Disney mugs at Hallmark


Just a heads up, but starting tomorrow, you can purchase these mugs at your Hallmark store. There are 4 in total, the one that you can’t see in the photo has Grumpy on it. They are really cute in person!


They are very cute. I’m always tempted to buy mugs like these but I’m partial to the ones that have the words “Walt Disney World” on them :mickey: !!


Oh cute!!! Hey…I didn’t get that postcard…and I’m a Gold Crown member! I am forever in that store buying one card or another…sheesh!


Did you get the little book? It was in that. And I was in the store today, looking things over. Couldn’t buy anything though. They weren’t allowed to start selling anything till tomorrow!:pinch:


How frustrating was that!?:angry: Hmm…little book you say…yeah…I probably tossed it…:nonono2:


But are the mugs refillable? :laugh:


Only during the visit in which you purchase them:angel:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Good one Jess.


Thanks for sharing, Limsers.:wub: :wub: I must get these…of course I need another mug!:rolleyes: :tongue: :wacko: :wink: :biggrin: :whistling :angel: :blink: :laugh:


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking:sleep: I could always get rid of some others to make room for them!


I would get rid of my Lenox China before I would get rid of any of my Disney mugs!:laugh:


Ain’t that the truth!:cool:


Ok now I am curious, what is your pattern?? (of Lenox, of course.)


Those are so CUTE!! I can’t wait to see them in person!! :wub: