Disney murals for kids' rooms (OK, or parents' room... LOL)


Disney Wall Murals ? Disney Wallpaper Murals add Magic to your Kids Bedroom

Thought this was really cool, and a kid would loooove it!


Very cool! Thanks for posting this.


Very Cute!!


The Pooh one is my favorite!!


I love those, I wish my guy were about 10 years younger. I don’t think he would live it nearly as much at 12.


Now I just need a gbaby as an excuse to purchase…:slight_smile:


I want the pooh one in my room ya think i am too old lol


Sweet stuff :smile:


Ooo I would so get those if I had any children!


They are cute. We redecorated DD’s bedroom with an outdoorsy theme. Grass as big as her, ladybugs and clouds everywhere. Pluto is her favorite so I painted Pluto sticking his head out of the grass. We surprised her with this. She loved it. Any kid would love these murals.


These are sooooooo cool!