Disney Music


My DD got a 5 box CD set of Disney Music from Santa, and for some reason, it seems to play day and night in this house.
Must be helping me out with my LAST WEEK BEFORE DISNEY DANCE!!!


How many times can you listen to IASW and not go insane? :wacko:


2 Days!!! How Cool For You Mrs. Pooky :smile: Have a great time :smile:


To tell you the truth, and I’m sure someone will yell at me, when that song comes on :eek: I “skip” :wink:


But will you skip to it when you get back home. :wink:

I hope you will. :smile:


My DD has theme park songs. Is that what you have ? It has IASW, Haunted Mansion, POC, Casey Jr. In the tiki tiki tiki tiki room. another one from tiki birds, country bears, adn I think one more . It is really fun to listen to before we leave. It gets us even more psyched !