Disney now owns Marvel comics


It was announced today that Disney has bought Marvel comics. I believe Universal studios uses several their charactes in their parks. Licensing renewal time could be interesting.


As does Six Flags/Great Adventures. I don’t think there’ll be a problem. This is a business deal for Disney and they’ll probably allow the other parks to continue using them under contract agreements.
This may not be any different than Schwan’s. They’ve bought out a multitude of businesses like Red Barron Pizza, Edward’s Pies and even supply’s the curly fries to Arby’s to sell as their own. Heinz corp. does the similar thing. For the right price it can all be negotiated in contracts.


I read this this morning as well. I don’t know what it means for those other parks that have rides and attractions that are based on Marvel characters but it would be dumb (IMO) of Disney to upset the apple cart. Really if they keep the license agreements alone they basically getting a portion of their competitors gate with no over head cost.


I’ve noticed Wolverine comes on the extra disney channel we have.


I just read that and this opens up alot of new ideas for parks and or rides


Awesome idea! I love Spider-man rides in DHS!


ewww… they are not disney characters… and never will be.


I agree… There is no way that I could see a spiderman ride or another Marvel character ride in any of the disney parks. I’m sure that Disney will have it all worked out that those type of character rides stay at US.


This deal has a lot of potential for both companies. Disney has already jumped into the superhero business successully. Remember the Disney superhero movie Sky High? How about The Incredibles? I think Marvel has a lot of very creative and talented people who could contribute to Disney’s projects down the road. Marvel is a lot more than just Spider-man, just as Disney is a lot more than just Mickey Mouse (OK, that sounds like heresy, but you know what I mean)


I think I knw what the new theme park may involve now


One word on why this is going to be really really big…PIXAR.


I agree with you 100% I think that Disney/Marvel is a perfect Merger


Agreed…totally agree…puleaze.:laugh: Spiderman never was and never will be disney. Love the Marvel comic characters, but there is a place for them and it’s not with mickey.


Thats a good way to say it… I agree!


Hey, we’ve always been pushing for a Villains park. They could make a Good vs. Evil park with heroes and villains!


I was standing at The Springs bus stop at SSR and happened to look at the paper stand and about choked on my coke! The headline had Mickey with a Spiderman design on him!
To each their own but I hope they keep characters in their respective areas.
Specifically- keep “those” superheros at Universal. :slight_smile: There is a different energy to Spiderman movies vs. something like Incredibles and Sky High. Disney superheros are a little more family friendly in my opinion.


I could not agree with you more! I am not liking this at all. I love the Spiderman ride and the Hulk ride, don’t get me wrong but they are not appropriate for Disney in anyway shape or form! :pirate: