Disney Officially Buys back Disney Stores North America


I was told today at work that the Walt Disney Company is officially buying back the Disney Stores North America and as of May 1, 2008 all the stores will once again be ran and operated by the Walt Disney Company, everthing should go back to the Quality Disney ways like it was before, everything from all the store renovations being top quality Disney to new merchandise and CM benefits/new costumes, etc etc… Im excited! Just wanted to share that with everyone. :smile:


Yes, I read that (or heard it on a financial program on TV?) a couple days ago. I also read (heard on TV?) that Disney would be closing some of the stores. So glad Disney is going to be operating them again!


That is such good news! Although, we are actually closer to a Disney outlet than a Disney Store where we live.


Oh… I may have to get a p time job there…


Good to know Disney is taking them back. Glad to know your store won’t be closing! :happy:


This is good news. We have one in the Mall of Louisiana.


Awesome! That is great news:)