Disney on Comcast!


Any Comcast customers out there?

Well, if you have their “on-demand” service, there is a bunch of Disney stuff on the “on-demand” menu.
Go to “searchlight” then “travel”, you’ll see Disney vacations.

Got to go and watch…


Oooooooh! Thanks Buzz!!


GRRRRRR I don’t have that feature!


This is good news Thanks


I’m watching them now! Thanks Buzz


Thanks for the update. We have Comcast, but we don’t have the travel channel, so we miss out on all the Disney features on that channel. I can’t wait to check out Disney “On Demand”.


oh that is so cool!! thank you buzz!! i’m gonna check it out right now.


Thanks for letting me know! I watched most of them last night. I was a little disappointed that there were no DLR clips though! :sad:


This is like a gold mine! I was so excited to go check it out.

Not sure if anyone watched the Everest preview and got the website to enter the contest to win a trip to WDW.

The link to enter the contest is: