Disney On Ice Cast Members Arrested


Ok…So I live in Florence, SC which is not far from Columbia, SC…A few days ago Disney On Ice Monsters Inc. Show came to town and apperantly two of the skaters got in a bit of trouble! I heard on the radio that after the show one night the two skaters called one of Columbia’s escort services for a date. Well suprisngly the escort service wasn’t “that kind” of escort service…they actually do just accompany people on dates and such. Well when the two men found out the girl wasn’t going to ‘do’ anything, they beat her up pretty badly!
The two skaters were arrested and spent the night at a local jail–and they were released the next morning. Disney On Ice would not give the names or any other info about the skaters as to which characters they played in the show. AND they were still employeed with the show and left town the next morning!!
Isnt that crazy!! :noo:


That is awful. I don’t even understand what these guys were thinking!?! And they should be fired, the disney standards should be higher than that.


I totally agree with you pumouse…That should be tolerated at all!


We don;t know what will happen to them after they left town. While I beleive they should have been fired on the spot, they may be entitled to due process prior to firing.



I wonder if this was Mike and Sully. They can’t have a show without them.


That is just horrible…I agree that they should have been fired, but I also can see why Disney would have let them stay at least until they had finished their current tour. They may not have had another choice! It might either let them finish the tour, or cancel out on the rest of the scheduled shows until they can train new people. :rolleyes: Who knows? Anyway, that’s sad…


wow…that is a really sad story…for the disney company, those two guys, but especially the escort…man, some people in this world amaze me…if I knew how to skate better, I would replace them! hehehe


I am sure they have understudies, what if they got sick or something, they would not be able to cancel the show for one skater. I am sure they got fired after the fact.


Even tho it is Disney on Ice it is usually Feld Entertainment that puts them on so hopefully it will not have any residule on the Disney company itself!! But no matter that is terrible and those guys should not have their jobs anymore!!


pumouse is correct. Arrangements are normally made, just as they would be for any theatrical production, for understudies and stand-ins. In my experience, skaters (and actors) are usually trained on a rolling basis and are able to join the cast in any city as necessary. Rehearsals are held during the day to fuse this training with the particular chemistry of the continuing cast.

The details of this case are sketchy, so I hesitate to make a judgement call, but these two men should definitely have been suspended and the matter investigated both by the presiding law enforcement authorities and by an internal panel from Feld &/or Disney. Disney advertises for skaters ALL the time and I know several people who have joined a tour for a year or so before/after college. It is a great opportunity for young skaters and I hope this incident does not tarnish any innocents who may be involved.


I’m sorry, but this made me laugh out loud!! Shame on me, I know! :angel: