Disney On Ice - Finding Nemo


I just wanted to tell anyone who might be interested. THIS SHOW IS GREAT! DH, DS and I went last night and had a great time! (This was wonderful, because getting the tickets themselves ended up a disaster including a parking ticket.) The skating was great and the show itself was so fun. My DS (2yo) was spellbound! So just in case you’re thinking about going…GO!


Thanks!! I was wondering how the show would be…DS loves Nemo. Nemo will be here in SC in about 2 week and we were debating whether or no it would really be worth it to go…so thanks!!!


FN came to my town last year. I was thisclose to going with some friends. But plans fell through.

I keep kicking myself for not going ahead and checking it out anyway. :nonono2:


Does anybody have the site of the places they are going?!!? I’d like to see it and lots of these come to the Idaho Center.


They are coming to Columbia in May and we really want to go…funny story though…last time they came to town (a year ago maybe) three of the skaters got arrested in town because they went to a bar and some USC kids were calling them names… (these were man skaters…so use your imagination)…and THEN assulted a teenage girl who was with them
And they got thrown in jail AND lost there jobs


disney on ice finding Nemo is coming to American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami.:cool:


Check out disneyonice.com for information on where they’re going to be. If you find out that they’re going to be in your area, pay attention to the local news. They gave away free tickets in Salt Lake (2 per family) on one day for 2 hours. I never watch the news and happened to catch the 1 sentence remark they made! I got my free tickets and also ended up with a parking ticket, but the show was worth it!


Thanks I’ll look now!


No it’s not coming to Portland, Seattle or Boise :(. I’m so bummed.


i saw the show last year with my nieces and we loved it!! it’s so cute. i loved getting the little snorkel along with my program.


Thanks for the info! We are going next week.

We got a flyer for it at Disney Live : Winnie the Pooh, and it has been all that my DD has talked about for months.

I know we will love it!