Disney on ice? Good for a 2.5 year old?


Did I just waste my money? Last night I purchased tickets to the Disney on Ice Princess Wishes for Sept. 23rd in Knoxville. It was around $120 total. Not bad I thought. Then I saw that they also have a show called 100 years of Magic. It is Ocotober 7th in Chattanooga. Only about an 1 and 1/2 drive for us. So I got tickets for that show. They were around $100. We got 3 tickets for each show. The knoxville show we are in the VIP section in the 10th row.

I thought it was a pretty good deal. Has anyone seen these shows or heard anything about them? My DD will be 2.5 in Oct. She loves all things disney (of course). I really want to do a special things with her before her brother is born in November and I thought these shows would be fun for her.


We’ve been to a Disney on Ice that was all about the princesses with our then 3 yr old DD and she absolutely loved it. I don’t think you have a problem, I think she will enjoy it.


i :heart: disney on ice. Including my favorite The Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure. Our family went to Orlando, Florida last year of the premiered of the Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure.


I’m sure that everyone of all ages will enjoy Disney on Ice. :heart: :mickey:


I so wanted to go to this Princess one, but my little Princess is only 15 months old! She won’t have a clue. And my soon-to-be 5 year old is a BOY. Although he DOES like the princesses, too. Hey, if it has to do with Disney, he likes it! LOL…:laugh:

I think I’m going to opt out of this one. Although if the 100 Years of Magic were to come my way, I might change my mind. :happy:


Well, to my surprise, 100 Years of Magic IS coming to Nassau Colisseum!!! IN JANUARY!!! I’m REALLY going to have to go to this!!! YAY!!! :happy:


We scored free tickets a few years ago. The yongun’ was not intersted.


How young? I’m assuming my 1 1/2 year old won’t care at all…


I went to disney on ice every year from 3-10 and i LOVED it. I still have every single program! hehehe Your DD will be excited I’m sure!


I think my 2/1/2 year old DD would love it but she would not sit for the whole performance. As long as she can move around she will stop to watch in wonder.


My DS would have been totally NOT into it at that age… DD would have been screaming HELLO to all the skaters and grippping the edge of her seat in joy…


I took my 2 and a half year old niece and she loved it! She actually sat through the whole thing!


We took our kids to every Disney on Ice show they had when they were younger. Now that they are teenagers they still talk about how much fun those shows were… I miss them!


We have been to several of the Disney on Ice shows and my kids have always enjoyed them. We went last year with my then not quite two year old and he was enthralled for at least part of the time. It kept him entertained enough that he wasn’t climbing around or getting on everyone’s nerves. I think your daughter will enjoy them, just as we always have.Have fun!!


Thanks everyone. We figure with the two of us there, she can mover back and forth betweeen us if she needs to move around alot. We have pretty good seats so she should be able to see everyone. She is obsessed with Snow White right now too. Everytime she watches the movie (practically everyday) she gets so upset when the woodsmen is on and is then so happy when Snow White is alright.

I will let everyone know how the shows go. I think I am looking forward to the 100 years of Magic the most. Since we do not get to go to Disney again this year, we will still get a little dose. Although, I am sad that this will be Madison’s first Christmas not going to WDW.:frown: But for good reason.:blush:


Our family went to Orlando to see the Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure last year. It is so cool and awsome. My favorite part is the Incredibles rescued Mickey and Minnie from the cluches of the evil Syndrome.I :heart: disney on ice. and I :heart: the Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure.


I think that is the ice show my husband would prefer to see. But being the great husband he is, he indulges all of my Disney obsessions.:blush:


that is my favorite disney on ice the Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure.:cool:


I wish I could have seen the Incredibles one! In fact, I’ve NEVER seen a Disney on Ice…:ph34r:


Kim maybe i will take you to see the Incredibles on ice when they will be in Orlando. Ok!