DISNEY ON ICE (Incredibles, U.K)


Hello to all…

I was listening to my local radio station earlier today and realised that Pixar’s ‘Incredibles’ are appearing at our local Ice Hocky team’s Arena, (Go Sheffield Steelers Go!!!) as part of the ‘Disney On Ice’ shows!

Well one quick phonecall, and i’ve secured Two Adult & Two Child Tickets for Saturday Nights performance at the Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield.

Now i know that the show has been in action over in the states for a few months now, and i was just wondering if anyone had seen it and could share any comments about the show…

Also, if there are any other U.K Mousebuzzers who are attending the Saturday night show, we should meet up and take some photo’s to post on to the website!! I’ll be the one with the silly ears on!!

Thanks in advance to all…


Hi tom

we saw the show last year the kids loved it. Disney on ice is usually good.

watch out for all the stuff on your way in that they sell you - flashing lights. spinning lights. bla bla bla get them in town before you go.

enjoy your show.

all the best from sunny scarborough.