Disney On Ice is visiting Scotland


Hello fabulous Mousebuzzers :happy:
Well as the title said, Disney On Ice is visiting Scotland this Septmember. :ohmy:
Disney on Ice only comes once a year to the U.K and only visits one of Scotlands citys and luckily enough this year it’s coming to my doorstep!
It’s Finding Nemo and I’m realy interested in going, the only problem is the ticket prices are quite high though there are some cheap ones but I’m afraid the cheap ones will be quite a bit away from the ice. (I’d like to be rink-side) :blush:

So do you think it’s worth the extra money to splash out and just go for the rinkside seats? I would be buying two tickets and suprising my mum with them. (My mum is also very in love with Disney)

So what do you Buzzers think ;

-Will my mum appreciate it?
-Have you saw the Finding Nemo show?
-How was it?
-Should I pay more for rinkside?

I am soo confused:confused:




I took my daughter to see Disney Princess Wishes on Ice in April. I bought the expensive seats becasue I wanted to be close to all the action. We were in the 2nd row behind the ice. I wish I had the cheap seats because we could have seen so much more!! Next time we go, I’m buying the cheap seats. Most of the centers where the shows are have very few bad seats. I say save the money and get a cheap seat. There is so much going on, you will be able to see everything! I was limited to basically what was just in front of me.Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time, but we could have saved a lot of money!!


I say buy the seats you can afford, and your mum is going to love you for it!!


The Disney on Ice shows are GREAT! We’ve seen the Princess one twice . . . Nemo sounds fun!

Both times we were in the “cheap seats” depends really on the size of the rink you are going to. In my experience, they take the rink and cut it in half, the one half to skate and the other becomes “backstage” SO, think of the area it is being held, then think about the worst seat in the house . . . is it far away?

We always bring Binoculars with us so the kids can get a closer view . . . enjoy the show! It’ll be your Disney Fix! :wub:


Thanks everyone for replying!
It looks like were gonna go for the cheap seat :happy:

Thanks again everyone :phone: