Disney on Ice


I know that there is a wway to sign up to receive the re-sale notices for tickets. But I haven’t been able to locate that mailing list. I am wondering if anyone knows how.

Or even if you might be willing to share the code. We jsut found of that the Disney on Ice Princess Stories are coming near us in December. I know daughter would LOVE it.




Here is the official Disney princess website, follow the links to register. We recently did the same!


We are going to see the Indcredibles but I haven’t heard of the ice princesses one. I wanna go!!


go to www.disneyonice.com to sign up. i did mine and i love disney on ice.

April 24, 1992 that why i went to see this date Friday April 24, 1992.


ooooh I saw the Princess on Ice a few years ago, it was SOOOOO good!!! My friend and I both cried!

This year it’s Finding Nemo on Ice in my town, hopefully I’ll be able to manage a trip!


We saw one earlier this year. We all loved it!


I am very excited that we now have tickets to the Incredibles on Ice!! It is actually the Incredibles go to Disney World and ride the rides etc. I have never been to one of these before. Last year ds went with his grandma and had a wonderful time seeing Nemo. I have to say thought that we are getting the good seats and it is costing a small fortune. :pinch:


I saw the Incredibles ice show a couple months back when it first opned. You will love it. It is absolutely fantastic. Every time my GF’s five year old watches The Incredibles now, he asks why they are not on skates. :laugh:


I have taken my DD to the Disney on Ice shows New Years Day for the past 2 years and have already gotten my tickets for The Incredibles this year. We have had so much fun. I hope to do this as our “tradition” every year. She is now 4 and I am hoping that she will be into Disney for a very long time.


We saw a Disney on Ice show in Boston a few years ago – first time I ever had front row seats for anything (last time, too!) – it was so incredible! The skating is unbelievable!


We saw the Princess show a couple weeks ago (Oct) in Philly. We were on row 11 and it was AWESOME! It was my first Ice show, and I was a little worried that the Princess story would be a little girly for me. I was plesantly surprised. It was great. We loved it so much that we’re going back to see The Incredibles in WDW show the first week of Jan 2006…IN THE FRONT ROW!!! I CAN’T WAIT…


It seems like you already got your ticket for this January, but keep in mind for next year that the New Years Day show in Philly is less than half filled. It is a great day to see the show. I will be there every year on New Years Day.


We saw the Incredibles tonight and it was really wonderful. I have little bits of digital video. I would share them but I don’t know how. :frown:

Oh well, if any of you get a chance you should go see it. :mickey:


I’m so upset, this is the first year, like ever! That I have missed Disney on ice! :sad:
Finding Nemo was in my city this year and I didn’t go, there were only 4 days to see it, and I was busy all of those days (one of which was an interview for Disney World, so it’s a good excuse at least) anyone see Finding Nemo on ice? was it good?


i can’t wait for the incredibles in a magic kingdom adventure in Miami, fl.


Oh i saw a bit of that on Regis and Kelly this morning and it looked so cute!!!


I go in just over a week… I can’t wait.


i can’t wait for the incredibles on ice in Miami, Florida this coming year. Oh! one more thing does anyone have the information about this show.