Disney On Ice


Dont know where this topic really goes, but I guess this will suffice:

Anyways, I read that Disney on Ice: Princess Classics is coming just 30 minutes away from me in Chattanooga, and I am thinking about getting tickets for me and my girlfriend. They start selling them August 30. But I was wondering if anyone had seen it.

Im sure its worth going to, but a review would be nice.



I have not seen it, but wanted to say that I have yet to read a bad review about any of the disney on ice shows. I say go for it.


I probably will. Just a matter of scheduling. Where are these reviews you mentioned?


We saw it when it was in FL! It’s not OLYMPIC skating . . . but it’s a LOT OF FUN . . . they do an abbreviated story of each of the Princesses and then they all skate together at the end. If you are a PRINCESS fan it’s a MUST SEE . . . if you like Mickey and the Gang . . . go to another show, cuz Mickey and Minnie only make short appearances in the beginning and the end!


How long is it? My girlfriend will like it more than me surely, but its the only ice show being shown close by. So I figured why not.


If I remember . . . 90 minutes with a 15 minute intermission!


I caught a Disney on Ice show in Ft. Wayne back in April right before our actual trip (the idea was to pump the kids up before our trip the following week)…I loved it. I would recommend everyone catch atleast one show sometime. Those are some truly talented skaters and to make it disney themed is even better!


we went to see Disney Princesses On Ice here in P’cola back in Feb. (i think). i was great!! lots of fun. we are going to go again to whatever disney on ice show that we get this year. but next time we are going to get 1 row seats…just want to be closer to all the action.

i say YES it’s worth it…every penny! :c)