Disney on the Gate


Curious, how much would it cost on the gate for park tickets? Will be spending 4 days at WDW in Nov. Do they have any special offers, e.g you buy one day, get another for $xx?


The longer you are there the less it costs. After Day three additional days really start to drop in price. Mousesavers has a nice chart. MouseSavers.com - Disney World Ticket Prices


Thanks for the info!


If I remember correctly if you buy at thr gate you pay the Florida state tax
where as we buy in Canada and avoid the that tax
I think the state tax is 6.5% but dont quote me on that I have been known to be wrong on occasion.


if all you are going to do is the parks,then four day park hopper,but if you are going to do water parks also,then that changes the equation…