Disney on the History Channel RIGHT NOW!


I have no idea how much time is left. They’re doing a Modern Marvels on it. It’s pretty cool!


ooh! Thank you!


Is that the two hour show on the Magic Kingdom?


aaawww…I wish I had access to a t.v. right now :crying:


Well, I have access to a TV, but it’s in our “training room”, and there’s some folks in there doing some “training”. :wink:


So…what is today’s “training”? :wink:


Well, it’s dark in there, Fox News is on, and there is the distinct sound of snoring! :cool:

So…I’m guessing that it’s sleep therapy training today!! :wink:


Aaahh…very important training! I think you should go in there and change the channel to the History Channel…see how that changes the therapy group! :tongue:


I missed it again!! Awwwwww maaaaannnnnnnn :sad:


Sad thing is, Peppertink, I work with a bunch of non-Disney fans here!

They just don’t get, or even have, the “magic”! :mickey:


I think it was 2 hours, but they did more than the Magic Kingdom. When I turned it on, they were at Epcot (the big ball caught my eye as I was channel surfing :happy:) and then they moved onto MGM… I had to go to class after that, so I don’t know what else. But what I did get to see was so awesome. They explained how they did the smells in Soarin, the inferno barge for Illuminations, the cars for LMA… cool stuff!! I’m gonna try to see if it says anywhere if they’re playing it again…


It’s a very cool show! I made my dad DVR it because I knew he’d love it!


What??? :eek: What a crime! :pinch:


Oh poop…missed it again :angry:

I gotta get me one of those TiVO thingamajiggies. :wacko:


All I found was that there’s going to be 2 Disney-related shows on in the next couple weeks… but it wouldn’t say when or what they were! :pinch: I signed up to get the tv schedule emailed to me so I’ll let you all know! :laugh:


Oh I saw part of that but didn’t have enough time to catch it all. Darn