Disney on Travel channel


right now all day!!!
Same old shows that have been running for the last few months but, hey!, I am watching…again.:pirate:


Thanks, I just changed the channel and settled in.

Wow, I just looked and it’s Disney until 7:00 tonight. Yea!


Darn! I’ll be at work till at least 7.


yes,yes,yes…all the way errrrrrr, I thought until 9pm.
I have to wash my eyes


thanks, got the dvr set


[QUOTE=Dopey;850421]yes,yes,yes…all the way errrrrrr, I thought until 9pm.
I have to wash my eyes[/QUOTE]

My TiVo guide shows Disney until 7 (central time) when a Jamaica show starts.


Cool…you know where I’ll be. Thanks for the heads up Dopey!


Thanks! Sometimes they have some pretty cool info on various things.


I caught the Disney Splurge one. I’d love to do some of those things one day, I just can’t ever see spending the $$$.


I just wish Samatha would quit telling people about Fastpasses!:laugh:


I noticed the shows were going to be on, but I think I have seen all of them.


DH says he is not a WDW fan like I am (even though he goes). Yet today… while I was watching “Disney, on a Dime” in our bedroom, he came to tell me that it was on. He was in the living room WATCHING IT! He watched the whole show. But, yet he says that he is not a Disney fan… LOL!


garwsh, that was great. they had that guide for a pretty penny, but what fun it would be to have that just for one day.
$ 100 per hour, 6 hours minimum? You can feed 4 people for 3 days at Disney for that much money :laugh:


I’ve never seen the splurge one! I am sad I missed it.


I wasn’t expecting these; what a pleasant surprise! :wub: