Disney on TV, Saturday Night


Food Network, Saturday night (02/04/06) 10 PM (eastern), Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. :wub: From the commercial I saw, I think it’s a new program. :smile: Enjoy! :happy:


Thanks DWFan. I love those shows!


I will tell my mom about it…she will be interested…thanks…


Wooo hooooo!!! Thanks!! :happy:

Now I have a date on sat :wink:


I hear ya! That’s why I was looking for Sat night entertainment! :laugh:


he he he he :blush: :tongue:

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Hah! We have the same taste in dates, I see!


OOOH! Thanks! I hope I get this show in Canada - I’ll go buy a TV guide fingers crossed


Thanks for the info. I am always looking for something “Disney” to watch.


Kewl Thanks for the info I love watching stuff about disney Weddings. Makes me think of mine. Sad thing is that I will be at work so I wont be able to watch it. I was thinking abuot getting DVR from our cable company and I wasnt sure but now Im thinking that I should.


Are any of you old enough to remember “The Wonderful World of Disney?” It came on every week, and Tink wuld fly around teh castle, sprinkling pixie dust, and then she waves her wand and the show begins. It was the single most exciting 15 seconds on television during my whole childhood!


Unfortunately, it’s not a new show! The listing said it was the same reel from last year, but I say, who cares! It was an awesome show anyway, just in time for some Valentines romance! I would hope the food network would update some of their shows though, for us addicts who just can’t get enough Disney TV. I still have the christmas parade on my TiVo, and I still watch it!

Miss Disney-I’m with you…I remember the Wonderful World of Disney with the same fond memories! It just doesn’t compare to the Saturday/Sunday Disney movie of today on ABC!


Thanks for the headsup! :heart: I’ll be watching!


OMG! I was just talking about this yesterday! I loved the Disney Channel from like, what…7 years ago??

They would replay those old Wonderful World of Disney shows, and they would play Zorro…and old Mickey Mouse Clubs!

I Loved it!


Thanks for the info ! I’d watch it, if I wasn’t going to BE AT WDW !!! YAY


Keep rubbing it in :dry:



I used to watch that show every week. I always wondered why they took it out. :pinch: :crying:


:wink: :tongue:


Don’t hold your breath, Tessa. I can never find those shows on here and I have the full digital selection from our cable company. Oh well.