Disney on TV


There are 3 hours of Disney themed shows on the Travel Channel RIGHT NOW!!! {2-5pm CDT Sat 9/8) I’ve got the DVR going already!!!

Prezcatz Paul


ahhhh… hugh, hugh… running to tv :laugh:

Thanks for sharing!


I’m really glad they are re-airing these. We had about 10 of these types of shows saved on our DVR, so we could get a WDW ‘fix’ whenever we needed it, but a power outage fried our DVR receiver a month ago:eek:, so we lost all our shows and had to get a replacement:angry:.

Prezcatz Paul


Bumping this thread as Travel Channel is having a Disney marathon this afternoon [Dec 9th, 2:30 pm CST]. If you’ve missed any in the past, get your DVR’s/VCR’s/DVD recorders going!!!

They are showing Ultimate WDW right now, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this particular one!!:ohmy:

Prezcatz Paul


GOt it !


:nuke: MAJOR REQUEST!!!:nuke:

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please can someone take the time to put these shows on ‘Here’, or ‘You Tube’ or something. We over here in Rainy England can’t get access to this show in the the U.K. It’s like depriving a Squirril of his nuts!!!

I’ve been trying everything to access this TV channel for the upcoming event of the 11th with Samantha Brown and nothing will work!!!

Please post soon, i could do with a good fix of Disney!!

Cheers Buzzers!



wish we could get USA TV in the UK. travel channel never seem to give us our fix of Disney over here.

just as tom requested please please please some nice Buzzer put it on YOUTUBE.

sending out Disney love and good cheer from the UK:heart:


Oh!!! I wasn’t able to watch them… I was stuck on two flights yesterday…

BUMMER… I am really not enjoying myself on this trip.


We watched them. It was perfect timing because we just returned on Saturday and were already feeling “home sick”. LOVE those shows!!!


:eek: Did Anyone Post This On Youtube or owt, NEED A FIX!!!:eek:


Well… I found this travel channel Disneyland series on youtube. Will it fix?

YouTube - Disneyland behind the scenes (part 1 of 5)
YouTube - Disneyland behind the scenes (part 2 of 5)
YouTube - Disneyland behind the scenes (part 3 of 5)
YouTube - Disneyland behind the scenes (part 4 of 5)
YouTube - Disneyland Behind the scenes (part 5 of 5)

Hope it works…


Thankyou,Thankyou,Thankyou…going to give it a watch now!!!

Well Happy…

Thanks again…


Really sorry for being a bit picky, but i was hoping for the Orlando Theme Parks…looks good at Calafornia though!!!

Thanks again…


Yeah, I figured. If I find anything on WDW, I will let you know.


Nice one!!! Thanks…