Disney onsite surveys


one of the other threads got me to thinking…we went to DLR for christmas eve and christmas day,as we were walking into to DCA a surveyer asked me if I would like to answer a few questions…I said yes…all of the questions that were asked disney should have known the answers already…my zip code,when did I last visit,first visit this year,have I ever been there how many people in my party and am I staying on disney property…all those questions could have been avoided by asking me if I am an annual pass holder…this happens many times …for a company like disney who is a marketing genius,it has always astonished me that in the 20 years of going to WDW they have never once asked me,sent me or from any other source asked me about my previous stay,but everytime I watch the DVC online promo they imediately send me a survey…my background is in marketing,research and statistical analysis…disney seems to be unable to get pertinent info and use the info they already have available…has this happenned to anyone else