Disney outlet - $1.99 shirts


Anyone who can wear size small or extra small needs to get over to the disney outlet.com

DisneyOutlet.com: Women’s Apparel

$1.99 can’t be beat…could be Xmas gifts…


50% off code and $5 shipping available too…must be dumping that children’s place merchandise.


I can squeeze into one, I’m sure.


Some of those are really cute and such good prices too- pity they are so small- they would make great gifts though


oooh… thanks!!! I’m usually a medium kind of girl, but I just can’t pass up this opportunity. And my little sister is definitely lucking out, here. I’m buying like… 5 for her! (I deserve some sort of reward!!! :laugh:)


urg… how do you get the $5 shipping?

And what’s the 50% off code???

aww… the $5 shipping is for purchases of $50 or more


I think I was born larger than an extra small, LOL. But you skinny miinies should jump on this deal.


Oh, to be an extra small… one can dream, though.:laugh:


My left side is an extra small:laugh:


The love the Bambi courture long sleeve shirt.


I’m just going to let my gut hang out at that price.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Your furry thong would be a great addition to that ensemble, I’m sure. :blow:

Yeah, I ain’t no extra small so that sale is a no-go for me! :pinch:


hm I lost weight but not that much … oh well .