Disney outlet at woodbury


For all you NY/NYC/norther NJ there is a new Disney outlet at the Woodbury Commons Outlet Center.

It is right across from the Childerns Place and next door to Adidas.

Sorry no adult Disney just the kids stuff :angry: …well laid out, plenty of selection and great deals.


I am heading there this weekend!!! Remember, Woodbury opens at 11:00 on Sundays in winter… the new hours will be out soon, though!


tigger… your avatar is really nice! :wink: Makes me want to be at EC!


MissDisney…The outlet center opens at 10am everyday, including the weekend. I would suggest going early, by lunch on the weekends it is a zoo and you might not find a parking space (esp if the weather is good).

Have fun and hope you find good bargains!

(Thanks on the avatar…it is a crop of a photo I took my last trip :mickey: I need to get back to take more avatar photos…)


Actually, most of the bargains are the same as what the regular Disney stores have. I was at the outlet and at a local Disney store about a week ago to do some comparison shopping and thought that my local DS had a slightly larger selection. I was very disappointed that the outlet was not really offering different merchandise or better bargains.



PiratesFan…when I was there they had the whole store and additional 30% off.

Was that signage up when you were there?


I saw Woodbury and got way to excited…there is a woodbury right near me…like 3 minutes away…not the woodbury you are talking about! pooh!!!


Was that signage up when you were there?

No, not for the whole store. There were some 30% off discounts for some items but the regular DS was ofering the same savings. You may have been there during the opening week.


Was it all childrens clothes or was there like disney toys and plush characters and stuff? thanks


They have toys, plush, and other kids stuff (including clothes).

PF, I was there on Sunday. There was a sign at the door that said “take and additional 30% off marked price” it could have been on selected items. It was a big sign as you entered.


I would drive over there but it has to be worth my while with gas prices being so high lately.
They would have to have really good sales and merchandise.