Disney outsiders!


On my recent trip to DC, I had lunch at a sushi bar… I was with three of my friends and they all got chicken teriyaki, I had miso and chicken tempura and somehow the topic of Epcot came up and none of them knew what it was.
I was so shocked. I felt bad for them… they don’t know what they are missing out on. But that feeling suddenly went away as I realized if they didnt go, 3 less families!


Now - that is a very mature way of thinking. lol

The same thing happened to us yesterday. My two dds and I were out for lunch - and naturally talking Disney - when my one dd said “please keep clear of the doors” and the other one repeated it in Spanish. After we had finished laughing I said, do you realize there’s probably not one person in here who knows what we’re talking about.

Sad - but it does keep them out of the parks. :wink:


I find that when you talk about WDW that some people equate WDW as the MK only and have no idea what the other 3 parks are. So I have quit telling them and like you said less people at WDW to deal with! Joe


Aren’t we bad,all of us not wanting the parks for anyone else???


^Nope. Living in a tourist already already, I wouldn’t mind one bit if less people went to Disney. Of course, the down side would be, less people + less spending = higher prices for us.


I feel so bad for those people!!! kids at school will be talking about it and they say they’ve never been and ask me how many times i’ve gone…well if i go this summer it will be 9 it think!!! wow they had sad sad childhoods!!!


Oh, I don’t know. There are so many wonderful experiences in the world!

And it doesn’t surprise me when people don’t know about Disney (although it puzzles me when someone takes it a step further and spends all that money for a WDW trip and doesn’t do any homework). I mean, I don’t really know about football, a subject that is of enormous importance to a lot of people. I just don’t care. It’s not sad, to me it’s just the way it is, but a lot of people find that very sad and think I’m really missing out. :huh:


I don’t think you are! :tongue:





LOL :laugh: You gonna set those vicious (ahem) dogs on me, buddy?


I’ve just about given up on trying to get people to experience all they can, it’s too frustrating. They pay a lot of money for park tickets and only experience a fraction of it, or will never feel the magic. UUUUGGGHHHHH!! (breathe…just breathe)


I was talking to my brother - who is traveling to the World next month. I told him he had to See if PoC would be closed for rehab. HE was “Which ride is that?”
I had to sing Yo ho so he remembered the ride.


How could they not know what it was?! I realize that not everyone is a Disney fan, but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t know what it was…Hehehe, the less crowds, the better!


:pinch: Doh!


That’s what that sound was that made the dogs whine :wink: Just kidding… :happy:


<sputter> wha - what did you say girl? I am so Captain Jack Sparrow…