Disney Package with Free Giftcard Q


Hi to All,

Does anyone know of have a link to a spot that tells you what restaurants the gift card with the current package promo can be used in? The website says select locations. Does anyone know what locations are eligible and which ones are not?

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Sorry, can’t help, just thought I would bump it up!! I thought the gift card was good for anything, not just dining, unless I am thinking of another promo!!:laugh:


At the risk of seeming like a real dweeb - I am going to answer my own question and share Disney’s formal response:

“The Disney Gift Card may be redeemed at dining locations throughout the theme parks and hotels of Walt Disney World Resort. Please note, some cart locations, such as popcorn or drink carts, may accept cash only and cannot accept the Disney Gift Card. Currently, at Epcot World Showcase,the Japan, China and Morocco pavilions do not accept the card. Additionally, the Swan and Dolphin hotels as well as Walt Disney World Resort good neighbor hotels, do not participate in this program and cannot accept the card. At Downtown Disney, most dining locations do accept the Disney Gift Card. We recommend that you check with each Downtown Disney location, prior to dining, to verify acceptance of the Disney Gift Card, as many of these locations are not owned by Disney and acceptance is subject to change.”

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Hey, don’t worry. We’ve all asked a question and then before someone else could answer, we’ve found the answer ourselves.