Disney Parks Blog reporting return of Main Street Electrical Parade


to WDW in early June 2010. The blog doesn’t mention Spectromagic, but it does say that the Main Street Electrical Parade will be back for a limited time. Anyone else have any news about this?

Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Walt Disney World Resort this Summer Disney Parks Blog


i was just telling my kids about this the other day!!!


Rats. We’ll miss it unless I can talk DW into another trip this year.


I’m trying to think if we’ve seen this. We visited in 2005 and 2007. Was this parade there at that time?


i was just telling my kids about this the other day!!![/QUOTE]

I know . . . my aunt (who made me a Disney nut) had the album of the music, and I used to love to listen to it when I went to her house. DH and I have told our kids about it too. We don’t know yet if we’re going to go back this summer or wait until Christmas, so I’m not sure my kids will get to see it. :frown:


I think the last time WDW had Main Street Electrical Parade was in the mid-'90s. I’m sure someone on here knows for sure.


This is great. I’ll love seeing a new parade! Thanks for the info:happy:


I’ve always loved the Main Street Electrical Parade music! Back in the day I was in a baton twirling group, and every time we did a parade we used the MSEP music (probably a no-no, but we didn’t know that! :laugh:)… and naturally I pictured myself not in a parade down a little city street but down MAIN STREET in Disney!

I’d love to see this parade again! I miss it!!

Here’s a press release about MSEP and other changes coming this summer: Summer Nightastic news - ‘Summer Nightastic’ Press Release


Do you think both the parade and new fireworks will only be for the summer?


SpectoMagic isn’t the same thing as the Electrical Parade?


No. Electrical Parade, or ELP, was created in the 70s and ran all the way to the early 90s at MK. At that time they wanted to do an “upgraded” light parade, so they created SpectroMagic, and ELP went to California. Spectro ran at MK until the late 90s/early 2000s and then it went to California, while ELP came back here. Then, in 2002 or 03, Spectro came back here and has been here ever since.


Nope that was Spectro.


No. We don’t have enough room in our float highbays to house both Spectro AND ELP. Whichever parade is going to be here, it’s going to be here for a while.


So does that mean that Wishes will be gone for a while too? :crying: My family and I LOVE Wishes! We listen to that soundtrack a lot because it just makes us feel like we’re there.


OH NO HONEY WE’RE NOT LOSING THE FIREWORKS :laugh: Just switching parades is all we’re doing.


Oh, thanks. I went in 1990 and saw a parade. Are they similar because I didn’t notice a diff. in 2005, 2007, 2008 or 2009. But to be fair the first was in 1990. Maybe I just don’t remember.:laugh:


I was going to share this exact new. I am excited for a new parade. I love Spectro, but have always wanted to see ELP, looking forward to it in the fall.


Here are some pics from Disney Parks blog:

Tinker Bell will lead the parade waving from the basket of a magical balloon aboard a new float. The parade’s return is part of Summer Nightastic! — an amazing lineup of new and enhanced entertainment planned this summer at Walt Disney World theme parks. For example, there will be new lighting effects and a new addition to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Also, Magic Kingdom will treat guests to a special summer fireworks spectacular.


ok, they have the same light up look, but the floats are diff. cool.


I stand corrected. ELP is only going to be here for a limited time this summer/early fall after all. Thought it would have to stay longer due to room, but that’s taken care of :biggrin: