"Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade" on ABC


Just wanted to remind everyone who’s interested that the annual “Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade” will air tomorrow from 10am-12 noon (EST) on ABC.

Performances by Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, the Jonas Bros., Demi Lovato, Kris Allen (AI 8 winner), Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place). Princess Tiana, Mickey, many characters will spread ‘Christmas in the Park’ cheer. Host in WDW is Kelly Ripa, & in Disneyland it’s Ryan Seacrest as well as Nick Cannon as co-host.

Lots of other performances & surprises… ABC.com - Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade - Home


I’m TVO ing it for my boys since their with their dad tonight


I look forward to this every year…I can’t wait!

BTW,why Nick Cannon? :sad: I am not a fan.


Thanks for the info!


DW and I were there the last day of filming. We are really excited to see the parade again. The first time was from Crystal Palace and on Main Street and this time will be in the comfort of my living room.


Can’t wait . . . it’s a tradition for us!! :happy:


Been looking forward to it!


It’s DEFINATELY going to help a little bit with my PDD. :sad:


Already have it programed to come on just incase I forget to change the channel! Thanks for the reminder.


Loving it!


I missed it!!! I am soooo mad… My son got Xbox for Christmas and won’t get off. Now I missed the parade.


I must be off my game this year because I COMPLETELY forgot about the parade until noontime yesterday when it was all over. So sad.


[QUOTE=2nd Star;1009700]

BTW,why Nick Cannon? :sad: I am not a fan.[/QUOTE]

Who in the world decided he should be famous? I remember seeing him for the first time hosting America’s Got Talent… hadn’t ever heard of him before that… and I thought then that he was ridiculously bad. Let’s just say… I am not a fan, either.

And like the Jonas Brothers performance… when do they film that? Before park opening?


I don’t have anything against Kelly Ripa but the whole thing sounded like a very scripted infomercial for Disney parks. It was very clear she was reading every word she spoke.


Yes… I’m watching this morning…

The Toy Story 3 preview was hilarious.

Um… is Demi Lovato not a very good singer? Didn’t sound like there was a lot of voice there and it seemed really overproduced.


Wow. Kelly Ripa wants to be Sarah Connor circa T2. Geez, those arms!


Well. Celine Dion is no Demi Lovato, is she? :laugh:

Her mannerisms are an acquired taste, I suspect. Not for me and I found her dress weird, but she really is a force of nature.


First: Yes, I am talking to myself. I don’t have enough to do today. <g>

Second: That was one HECK of a LOT of cheerleaders.

Third: I’m thinking not one of those singers thought, “When I grow up I want to be a YANNI VOICE!” :laugh:


Will they air it again? We totally forgot about it and the kids are sooooooooo upset!!


Awww you guys are being too hard on Nick Cannon.