Disney Parks Music


I was playing around on my YouTube account, and I found this video. It’s music from lots of Disney attractions, parades, firework shows, etc. I really like it. What do you think? To me, it feels like I’m actually there if I close my eyes! :happy: This guy that posted it (hccsound) has a lot of creative things.

Here’s the link:
YouTube - Disney Parks Music


Love it! :happy:


Thank you! I wish I could have it on my phone so I could listen to it. :blush: I looked all over the iTunes store and I couldn’t find it.:pinch:


This is great, Steamboat Lily! I’ve got it saved so I can play it anytime I need a pick-me-up!


Thank you! I have it saved, too!:happy:


I keep playing it over and over and DD14 just said, “STOP! You are going to make me cry!” Nothing makes us feel more homesick than Illuminations. Add Walt’s emotional speech at the end and we start to cry. Sigh. I can’t wait to be back there again…


Oh I started to cry the first time I listened to it! I love Illuminations! I love reading all the comments on this video, one person put “Oh wow so much nostalgia! When I was a kid I used to see how many times I could ride star tours in a day XD hehe” I started cracking up! haha:happy::laugh:


I was listening to the Disney Parks Music, and found these songs! Oh my gosh, I am so obsessed!:blush: They are so neat, though!

YouTube - Splash Mountain Music - Walt Disney World
YouTube - Soarin’ Theme Music
YouTube - Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade Music
YouTube - Space Mountain Music
YouTube - Epcot Entrance music

Yeah, you can call my crazy, But I’m a Disney-lover! :laugh::happy:


Awesome find!


Thank you!:happy:


Those are so great! I have the YouTube video’s of MNSSHP parade with ‘Boo to you’ song on my cell- we love that.