Disney Party Fundraiser Photos


A few of you may have read some of my past posts about the annual fundraiser that I co-sponsor for our church for the past 10 years.

If not, heres the scoop…12 groups sponsor a theme for each month of the year and invite as many people as they can fit at their tables for an afternoon of fellowship, fundraising and fun!

This year I sponsored November and December and we celebrated Walt & Mickey’s Birthdays!!! :mickey:

I thought you all might enjoy some of these photos…


OMG, that is so cute. I love it!!!








This is adorable!!!








That is just Sick!

(and I mean that in the good way…)


The Mickey Munchies:

Mickey Nuggets & Chocolate Fountain were the big hits. And the Fairy Godmother even made an special appearance!


Some of my gang…






[QUOTE=tigger;960075]That is just Sick!

(and I mean that in the good way…)[/QUOTE]

Sick! Thats me for sure!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


How fun! Everything is very cute and very MICKEY! I love it!


Now THAT is going all out! WOW! :happy:


I wish I could have been there, what fun! You sure put a lot of thought and time into it. Very nice.


Well done, Cliffhanger! All those snuggly plushes are a fun touch. :happy:


So cute!!! Did you do all that yourself??? It looks like a lot of work but it turned out AMAZING!!! :happy::happy::happy:


WOW! That’s amazing! I love how you did everything. Thanks for sharing


Do you do this for a living??? If not, you should. That is the most amazing party setup I have ever seen!!! Wow!


Christine, that was wonderful. I hope you got oodles of donations/made oodles of money :smile:


OK, where did you get the Mickey Head Plates? :laugh::laugh:

AWESOME!! Love it!