Disney PC!


Disney has jumped into the lucrative personal computer market. They are offering a new system (aimed at kids, specifically, since it features built-in parental controls). For more info and a picture, click here


Click WHERE???


Hmmm . . . good question, phayes93! I followed the insert link instructions, but it is not working. I’ll fiddle with it in a moment.


Seems to be fixed now. Try again.


Nope – just type in the website address. It should create a link. But even if it doesn’t, we can copy and paste it.


This is weird! I clicked on the ‘click here’ part and go directly to the information. Anyway, here is the direct web site that you can copy and paste if the hyperlink doesn’t work for you: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1633563,00.asp


That’s brutal - who wants a 2.6 GHz Celeron these days? My five-year old DD would be ticked with the lack of performance (I have a serious gaming rig, so she’s used to speed and power)?

Thanks for the update, though. Just goes to show you we all keep looking for the Disney stuff.


Buzzlightbeer, I agree completely. The PC is definitely not for the bargain conscious nor the “serious” computer user. The price is a definite detraction! However, the Disney marketers probably know that they can sell some things to some people no matter the cost or performance. I would file this PC in a ‘novelty’ category.

This (http://disney.store.go.com/DSSearch.process?restartflow=t&CLK=DS_11776_SEARCH_FRM&Searchstr=61258) Link takes you to the actual pre-order page at TDS. It offers complete info about the PC (as well as a “special” ‘free’ gift card.)


I got an email from disneystore.com on this newest computer…very cool. I want it for myself though! :smile:


I was thinking the same thing!!! :blush:


I very much wish I coul get one… but they are about $1,000 and our budget isn’t exactly up for that! :sad: Oh well… maybe some day…


I would just build a computer twice as powerful, for half as much, and save the other $500 to spend at the park…:wink: