Disney Performing Arts


So my daughter’s dance teacher is thinking about taking them next fall to the “World” to dance! To a D-freak like me this is a dream come true… :wub: Has anyone been down for this?

We have a trip booked for September already but of course we’ll move it…or go again :blush: to see her dance! I noticed on the website it says you are REQUIRED to buy their ticket package? Really? This can’t be right?

Any info would be great!! Thanks…:mickey:


I did Disney Magic Music Days when I was younger with my dance/baton group. It was AWESOME!!! I still remember performing on the old stage in Fantasyland that used to be behind Dumbo, before Ariel’s grotto moved in.

I’m sure lots has changed since then in regards to requirements they might have, so I don’t know about ticket packages or anything like that. But I just wanted to say that if she gets the chance to go, it’ll be the experience of a lifetime. :heart:


We just did this in May 2010. We have AP’s, so I did not want to buy tickets. You can get around that honestly. The only people that have to buy their tickets are the dancers, but family memebers will come and want the discounted tickets also. When the teacher puts in the order, all tickets are lumped together, so they do not know that you did not get any for your dancer. Hope I have not confused you. I will tell you that the rooms they offered were not discounted for the group, they just give the teacher hers for free. Our teacher gave up her room to assist finanically strapped students. I found it was cheaper to book my own room using an AP discount and add the CS plan. The food vouchers that they sell the groups are not a very good deal. We had a great time, the girls performed in DTD, and took a class with one of the disney dancers.


I perform the Magic Music Days almost on a weekly basis with the different performing ensembles that come through. It’s very fun and all the children seem to really enjoy it. Definitely, DEFINITELY recommend.


Thanks guys…keeping fingers crossed they go…


So…it’s official…they are DANCIN IN DISNEY!


YAY!!! :happy: Congrats to her!!


Congratulations!!! Have a great time!!


First week in October!