Disney Pet Names


Help!!! We just adopted 2 beautiful Collie/ Golden Lab mix male puppies. In keeping with our family tradition, we need some Disney names for them when we pick them up from the shelter tomorrow–they have to get neutered 1st. The puppies are brothers and about 9 weeks old. The only names that we can’t use are Simba, Nala, and Ribsy. Please give me your suggestions. Our family is having trouble agreeing on names. Thanks everyone. I know that you guys will probably come up with names that we have not thought about.


well the first ones i thought of are goofy and pluto!! lol i’ll keep thinking


This is going to sound WEIRD…BUT…
My neighbor got a Dauchsaund (or however you spell it) it has a patch over its eye and has a little stubble, so she called him Pirate and then her cat Capt. Jack…I thought the name Pirate was TOO cute, but, it’s not really a “Disney” name…
also, we lovingly nicknamed the other dog nextdoor “biggish dog”…we went to see Brother Bear and that night we just started calling him “Biggish Dog” sort of like the mooses called them Biggish Bear…
What about…(I am just rambling)
Flounder (haha, oh that’s cute)
umm…now i am at a loss…


Jacques and Gus???


Tramp, Trusty, Jock! (from Lady and the Tramp)


I like “Sully” from Monsters Inc. Course his buddy’s name is Mike Wozowski and that’s not a very good dog name. :nonono2:


Oh and I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on the new additions to the family!!! :flowers: :biggrin: :smile:


Oh I thought of another one. How about Timon and Pumba? Not that great but I think it’s cute. :slight_smile:


Congrats on your new babies!! Hmm…names…I love Jaques and Gus. Or now you could use Kermit and Fozzie!


Right now we are debating on CHip and Dale, Mufasa and ZaZu, or Copper and Todd. What do you think?


Awww!! Congrats!!!

I can’t think of any other names, but I’m happy for your new additions!


what about Gadget and Monty.


How bout Buzz and Woody??


i like the sully and mike idea
i think dogs with human names are funny
please please post a pic of the babies


Well, I love Copper and Todd!! We have some animals with Disney names, Lady and Daisy, we had Guinee pigs named Mickey and Minnie. I love Gus and Jock, those are great also!


how about Walt and Disney? Congrats on your new babies!!! :wub:


How about Rutt and Tuke (from Brother Bear) or Koda and Kenai.

Or Chip and Dale??

Or Chance and Shadow


Winnie? I named one of my gerbils Winnie…


We are now split 50 -50 between Mufasa (for the one with longer, more fuzzy hair) and Zazu (the one with shorter hair and more playful) or Copper and Todd. They play so well together that the name also seems fitting. Using the Lion King names is a tribute to our beloved Simba that we all still dearly miss. I have to have a decision today before I pick them up from the animal shelter. When we got Simba years ago, there was no doubt. We just knew that was the perfect name for him. It is definitely harder to name 2 puppies at the same time.


I think I’d go with Copper and Todd. Calling “Here Mufasa” is quite a mouthful. :laugh: