Disney Photopass CD Promo Code


:eek: I’ve been searching for a promotion code to get a discount (the bigger the better lol) off the Disney Photopass CD. I’ve tried a few, but found they are only for 25% off actual prints (code: FALLPASS)- not the CD which contains all the prints. It is priced at about $130 and that’a way too expensive for me at the moment. But my time is running out as all my photos will ‘expire’ on the 1st Nov 2007!! So I have to buy it before then. There was a cracker of a saving ($70 off!!) but the code for that expired in May :ohmy:

Does anyone know of a code that gets you a discount when you only buy the CD?

WDW Sept 07


But its good information for any others who are going in the future. I didn’t know the promo was still on.


I didn’t know the Grand Floridian session was included in the CD price.:huh: :happy:

I am hoping to pre-purchase the cd again for our holiday trip. We did it before we left in August, and I was disappointed because we really didn’t get many photopass pictures. It seemed like we never found any photopass photographers, or that there were lines!! And the last thing I wanted to do was wait for someone to take my picture! I am thinking it won’t be like that at the end of Nov. but I guess you never know.


It’s such a pity I can’t get a discount code for the Photopass CD - I didn’t know you could pre-buy it before going to WDW or i would’ve :frown: When I go back i’ll be better prepared and I’ll be making sure I get the photographers to snap us all over the place :wub:


can someone explain the photosession at GF, does it include many characters and if so, who?


There may not be many photographers around then though. Less crowds, less
CMs :blink:
When they started that in the late 90s I had no interest in it at all, but was practically hunted down by bored photographers :huh: Amazing how things change :blush:


No characters, they spend about half an hour with you and your family. They, fairly quickly, take you around the resort snapping group photos. We started on the upper level in front of the big chandelier, moved to the left side of the balcony, on to the staircase with pictures looking out the window, then outside, by the fountain, on the grass, on the beach, in the hammocks, back inside to the grand staircase, etc. It was a lot of fun, lots of snaps. Don’t expect studio quality but it brought out the laughter, we loved it.

If you actually have time to plan clothes and makeup (we didn’t) you could get some really nice shots.

Can’t seem to post the photo again so here’s a link with one of our photos:



If it’s the same thing that we used for our last trip, than it’s just a session that you use to review all of your pictures. After you are happy with every thing, & have editted your pictures, then they can burn them to a CD. We did this Feb/2006, but also used the area inside Mickey’s toon town. Our problem was that we completed the CD 2 days before our trip was over, so we had to go again to GF just to get the last few pics “added” to the CD. They actually reburned us a new CD, but we didn’t need to waste alot of time with all of the editting & stuff.


Oops, sorry. This is not at all what I thought. I was posting at the same time so I didn’t the “proper answer” till after I posted.


Solution. :cheshire:

Next time take me along. I am a great photographer, no lines, and I won’t eat much. :laugh:


Wow I know that this does not include characters. But imagine if there was something where you could have one on one time between your child and characters. Imagine the photos and the magic that would be. Don’t get me wrong, I know they love it in the park. But I know it can get crowded and crazy.


Regarding the pre-paid offer: I was wondering… what if you don’t get enough good pics to make it worth your while? We did buy the cd last time, but not sure if I should use the pre-pay option.


To receive a refund, you must request it within 2 weeks after the completion of your Disney vacation and you must not use the special promotion code to order Disney’s PhotoCD. If the promotion code has been used, a refund will not be granted.

This is off the prepaid CD receipt that I have in my email.


Thanks for the info, but one question: Does the pre-order count as a promotion code?


:huh: Good question. I know they send you a promotion code after you pay for it, to use when actually order the photopass cd. So I am guessing, yes, it is considered a promo code.

I think I am more confused now than before.:laugh:


When you preorder the CD they’ll email you a promotion code. When you’re ready to buy the CD you use the promotion code during the checkout and they’ll deduct the cost.


Do you think that you could pre-order, then use the discount at WDW to get your CD while still there? I’m wodering if it would be possible to NOT order them online & actually come home with the CD. I could not find a number anywhere on the website to call & ask.


nancy - i’d call the photopass number (on the website) and ask. I bet you can do that, if you have paid for it, and have the promo code with you down there. but…i’d want to call to be sure!


If you can do this remember that you’ll have to choose any graphics and do cropping while your at DW. Once the CD has been made you can’t add any of the graphics they have available. It’s been wonderful that I can sit at home at crop pictures and add stuff to them.


That’s a really good point. I know that I wouldn’t have time to do that while at WDW!