Disney Photopass Movies


I WISH I had known about this product while we were at WDW. We would have spent a lot more time getting our pictures taken by the photopass system! It’s totally cool, but we had too few pics taken to make it worth the money.



That is very neat I had not seen that before.
Now if they would only send video camera to follow me around the park and make movie that way!


What a great idea. we will have to bookmark the site for a future trip
Thanks for sharing it


Thanks for that tip cavey.
That is something my DW will really want to get.


Can this only be used with Photo Pass or can you insert your own digital photos? Anyone know?


That is really cool!


I subscribed to podcasts from WDW and they are talking in the near future, you know how the ride takes your pic so you can buy it, well they are working on short videos of you on the ride…Now that would be fun to watch.


That really would be great. The things they think of. Imagineering is what that’s called, I guess :biggrin:


Very nice idea :smile:


Neat but somewhat pricey. I think you can upload pictures.


Oh! That is VERY Cool!


Pretty cool, I think that will be great for our next trip.


It may not be too late for you to have something similar Cavey, but you will have to put it together yourself. There is a program we have called ProShow Gold that allows you to create a dvd slideshow of your photos (any photos you put on your pc, or anything you scan in) including music, titles, effects like zooming in and out or fading, and more. It’s very cool and we have used it for geneology photos, wedding photos, vacation photos and my DH even made one for his hairdresser to take to her 20 year high school reunion.

I think the program is about $20 more than Disney is charging for the first DVD (roughly $70), and you can put all of your photos on it, not just the photopass ones they took.


Yes you can add your own pics. Your allowed to use any of the photopass pics you use and then upload up to 120 of your own pics. I think the final product allows you to use a combination of 63 or so pics. I actually did this after our Dec 2005 trip. I spent around 15 or 20 hours working on it, and then we didn’t end up buying it. The $49.95 seemed a bit expensive for a slide show on DVD…


I saw this when we were ordering our Photopass pictures. I thought it was a little pricey and we wouldn’t really watch it much. Of course, I probably spent more doing our scrapbook, but at least we will look at it pretty often.


The thing they have is the high quality Disney footage they use in the background. But I agree, you can do it your self and have it that much more personalized. If you have the time.

And I believe Cavey’s busy season will be gearing up soon. <Gearing up> that was a pun - get it? I kill me hahahahahaha


oooooh thanks for reminding me about this!
I will TOTALLY do it when I’m done working in WDW and fill it with pictures of me working and stuff like that, it’ll be worth the price for that.

It really is pricy but not so much that it’s inSANE…espcially if you can get a grandma and an auntie and a mother to buy a copy too and split the total.


You know what? That’s a great idea. That’ll be a GREAT way to remember your days in the CP…


Very True Boss…very true :smile:


IP not CP :tongue: