Disney pin count


Thought of what I think will be an interesting thread,How many disney pins does everyone have…we have 188 pins,some rare from what i have been told,but who knows


I have like…12. :laugh:


We have 154 between myself and my kids. I have many that were CM exclusives from back in the late 90’s when my ex was a CM.


at least they were good for something:pinch: :laugh::laugh:
just kidding!!

we have like 15. they are mostly HSM and TINK, they are mine & dd’s. DH has 1 that has jack skellington on it. we let him put it on our lanyard so he feels important too!!:laugh:


My DS6 has 47. We don’t usually take them with us…he isn’t into the trading, just collecting the ones he really likes.


I also only collect and never trade - I currently have around 288 but I’m heading to WDW next week and will probably add about 20 more to my collection - maybe even more who knows what goodies I will see


I’m not going to count all of them but I’m guessing my son has between 300 and 400 pins. He’s slowed down a lot but at one time he loved trading.


Due to my mother going (yay Mom), my daughter got 35 this year. LOL. That was FOUR days, my Mom is insane. Are they ever worth actual money?


Hmmm. No idea how many we have. :blink: There in the camper, in the car, in the jewelry box, on lanyards…Not that we have many. Maybe 30??


well I am not sure I know that the last time we went we spelled the girls names out with the alphabet ones. I would say I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 give or take a few. But that is not that many at least from my standpoint when I have a closet with almost 200k baseball cards in it from when I was a kid.


I don’t think I ever want to count the exact number, with 4 of us in the house we probably have well over 100…each…infact my mum probably has double that to herself and she mostly collects anything with ‘Limited Edition’ on the card! I was good this trip though - I didn’t buy a single pin yet came home with about 15! haha!


My kids have about 90 between them, but many are just the trader pins they got online. They did a little trading, but DD9 mainly traded a trader for a trader.

I have 13. One dated pin for each year we’ve been there, one for the Resort we stayed in two of the times and one from each of the main park. I also bought the boxed set of the fourth of July pins this year because they ran out of the single pins. My favorite is a pin of Mickey standing by a framed pic of Walt.

Next year I’ll get one for POR if they have one, a dated one and otherwise we’ll just have to see.